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me" what she ádddn'tá do ttat has her in ttouble. ------------------------------------------------ -------------- a nor'easter moves through maryland. when it will be at its worst... tte parts oo the state that wwll get hit hardest... and how much snow we'll gee by thh time it's over. --------------------------------------------------- ----------------- and... how much caffeine is really in thoseeenergy drinks? we put ttem to thh test.. which & ones are strongest.... and howw muchhcaffeine yoo can safely takeein eeery day. former... baltimore mayor... sheila dixon...was... office.../ aater.... being accused ...of... steallng gift cards...//- ...that... were supposed... tt go... to the poor. poor.she mmdd a lea deal... &p...and was supposee to make -3 payments to, she's accused of falling wwy behind..- behind. kathleen... cairns... spoke with dixon... - today...//,...about... áwhyy... she's having a... significant ension pension
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3 (((kathleen on set))) the & forrer ayor says shee' fallee on tough economic timee. however, she ssys she does plan on paying off the money in full... as soon as she can. ----pkg-insert--- sheell -3 dixon's explanation: for not paying up: (sheill dixon)"i'mm pealll just finding out about -3 this situation and now im mean ve tried to do my bess.. ive ompleted y community service ive made alot of paymentssclose too20 thousand and immworking to resslving this ecause i want it behind &&pinterview about the possible -33 violation of her plea ddal, sheesays she fell behind in ppyments: (sheliaadiion)sigh- things happen...people have -3 bills we've had incidents that happee nobody knows anybodys &ppersonallsituation, and yeah.. &pmy pension pays thee billss.thank god.. dixon -3 collects 83-thoosand a year in p iiyypension, pluu, a ppnsion from her days as a school teacher. she was & forced out of office in 2010 due to ethics violations, &pincluding
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tealing 500-doolar gift cards intendeddfor needed families. back then sheestated: (1-11-09 kg- 11t sot) "i am being unnairly accused. time wwll prove i have donn &pconfident that i ill be found innoceet of the charres.."she was indicted on 12 charges -3 including felony theft and -3 perrury. as part of theeplea deal she kkpt her pension ut has to onate 45-thouuand dolllrs to charity. (dixon) " p plan to figure out another avenue to get this resolved" 3 show she's ppid 11 thousann dollars o far.... but is in - dollars. (dixon)"i realize i have aa respoosibility im going to fulfill that responsibility - and ttmes are just really 3 according o court records &psheila dixon made tww payments & in 2012... eaah time for one - thoosand dollars. she january.. the other.. in occober. kc ox 45 news at 10
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a massive water main broke undernnath baltimmrr this morning...'s a lookkat the & situation right now... buckled?>but the scene this morningg.. was a lot different...paul gessler shows & us tte damage... as water as rushing downnthe streeet- street 3 ((ats: water)these were thee sounds of baltimooe's wednesday morniig commute. -3 nzinga amoo: "it was triall getting to work this morning. &pa 15-minute ride ook me aa hour and a hallf"these were "evidently,, e have a wwter - main break here."a bbg one, too.a 60- foot, cast iron water main bursttat 8 a-m. shane curry: "somebody said ii went all the way down to 3 lanvale street.."julian simmons: ""ou could almost &pit s and it's really running fast."charles street: losedd north ave -- all tte wwy down to ppnnnstation.patrick marrin: "it's pretty narly."for hours, water flows.((rilling stteet) p-g-e carefully drilled to turn off underground lines, to
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avoid ore pavemenn buckling. williammrichaadss "it destroyed itt i wanna say & caved in, but it done blown up."paul ggesllr, reporter: 3 street are 90 years ld, not unlike a lot of the iifrastructureearound ballimore,,which is why public works has set aside $300 million over the next five years to try to sttp situationsslike this befooe they happen."nzinga amon: -& ""t doesn't make sense that this has become an every week, every month oocurance."(nat: presser "this is another pndication f old infrastructure in theecity.") there have been three major -3 water main breaks innthe cctt -& plready this year..william richards: "man, this has been happening all over baltimore city, mmnn.greglan ard: "there've been a lot of water main breaks." kristin tata: "wait it out. and the storm's coming tonight."patricc martin: "it's a retty busy - thoroughfare with penn station there. how long's it gonna knows?" & 3 creww will be workkng onnthis break for a while... us live from the sceen on - charles street...myranda... what are they saying about repairs tonight&p3 jennifer, the good
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ews is... all of the residents who weee evacuated because of the water main brrak arr now back in water. on the ooher hand... publiccworks officials say it will llkely take days... if not longer... to get thinng & around here bck toonoomal. 33 3 a spokespersonnforrthe city's public works depaatment saas crees are going to wait until the morning to do any more - digging or removing asphalt. he says the most iiportant thing at this point is to protect a gas line near the water main... so thee're workiig closely wiih b-g-e to monitor the situation. that area will remain closed tomorrowwand in the comiig days. but they're asking folks to be patient. 21::0 his iss't likeewhen you go to your kitchen sink. you just caa'ttturn it on and turn it off. there's aanumber of turns for each valve, and involvee in his 30 3 officials advise you take alternative routes .. including the j-f-x... if you plan to travel in this area in the coming days. but they saa
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if you can avoid the area aatogetter....that's noo a bad idea, either. livv in ... paltimore, ms, fox45 eww at ten. & creww working to repair a storm drain in ast baltimore, say it willltakk ámuchhálonger - than expected.this portion of &pmonument street was almost devoured by a 40 foot sinkhole in july. a onth later, a pecond sinkhole opened up nearby.... and a third in october.the additional & sinkhooes... and recenn rain... have tripled the - amounttof work .... and slowed progress.the department of public works says repairs won't be finished until latt &pdecember. 3 we are facing some intery -3 weather tonight tonighthhrr's... a... live look... at... ew york city.../ still... recovering... from... & urricane sandy....//you.... can see... the... snow falling...///as... people... drive thru... the... ity streetss- streetschief meteorologist & vytas reii joons us now... ...with a look at who wiillget hit hardest... vytas
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3 33 a... baltimore - man ... beaten...
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in... broad daylight.../ downttwn.../ tonight... his family... pleads & for help... to... catch tte susppcts. suspects. keith daniels,.../ live... at... shock trauma... & whereethe 3 hospital.../ since the peith. jeff..... the victim is 32-year-old jjhn mmson. pollce were able to contact his family because he had his cell & phone with him. fammly hospital tonight, virtuallyy -3& plfeless....and they want the people responsibleefor that...caught. caught. christina jasi lives in montgomery county.. but she's in baltimore frequuntly now at unvvrsity of marrland's shock trauma center..........her 3 crittcal condition.. the victim f a vicious assault..- (jasi) "it has devastatee my famill.. uhm,,no one can actuallyybelieve what really - hhs happened...".....mason is in a coma with multtple skull fracturee and some brain swelling..... a beating victim.
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3pf the day at lombard and howard strrets in downtown baltimore. witnessesstold police at least four men attacked mason n the treet, beat him nnerly unconscioos........jasi says mason had just left his nearby & home.. on his way to pay a bill.. when the grouppattacked. (jasi) "everyone's shocked, -3tthy're upset,,they want to know why, whyyhim?" motive, they were considering robberyy. but nnthing was taken from mason. -3 meeatime, jasi and her family wait aad hope ffo a full & ecovery.. while the attackers remain on the loose for nearly a week now.(jasi) "i want pomeone to help us find these get them off the street o they cannot do it to anyone elle..." 33 detectives say they are something to elp them catch
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3 shock trauma, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. 3 the... most... expensive election... in... american history... 3 president barack obbma... won... a... secood term... in office a... look at the numbers.../// lib>here's... a... look... aa the mmp.../// the... preeident... won... every... ssing stttt... except... northh arolina..../,3 áfloridaá... &phas... et to be decided...// deccded...//18-21 "you voted & for action, not politics as usual." -3 usual." 3pddressing... -3 a... crowd... oo... supporters in chicaao -///president obama - vowed... to bring... both parties ttgether.../ while... mitt -3 romney... &ptoll... his supporterss../ & commander in chief... has... success... peading the nation. 3 33-41 "whhther i earned your vote or not, have listened to you.. i have learned from
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better presidenn." president."101-109"i believe thhs nation was founded arr the oly sure uide to a resurgent economy and to renewed greatness." greatness." pote... by... more thaa... a... two to one margin...////. former.... congrrssman .. .and... leader of the works"... dick the... republicans... are... missing... a greaa opportunity. 3 "the repuulicans has so messee up their ness on this iis people ho hare our point of view on social issuessthe are entrepeneurial they should be our natural ccnstituancy." & constituancy." 3 armey... says... insensitive language... uued... by.... some... republicans... - is... costing the valuable vooes... in the hispanic coomunity 3 in one of the biggest ssues approved same sex marriage. lib>manyycouples...and
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3&&pchurches....are now assessing...what the new law...will them..but supporters...are callinggit... a...historic victory 3(clippinger) "we told hem that we want to be able to to have recognized the people wwo we love. we told them what it means to us and our families and our chillren (cheers)" (cheers)"the new...same-sex marriage law... 3 effect...untii january first. the division amoog churches... & oncerning this nnw law... ttniiht on the late eddtion at 11 3 now ... thatt.. - voters.../ maryland... / baltimooe's... tourism ...bureau ... is... helping couplls... -3& plan their weddings. 3 "visit... baltimore"... creaaee this wwbsite..../ containing... everything... gay - couples need... city...///. it... offers... free ...plaaning assistance.../ &and... informatioo... on venues...// vendors... and honeymooos..../// it... also... explains.... how... &p to... get....a civil marriage license... from the state,...// beginning... & january 1st. can... find a liin... to... the page ...oo ouu pebsitt...../ just.... go...
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to... fox baltimore dot com.../ slash... newslinks. 3 3 18:53:29"i was very scared" & scared" 3 aatacked... for his smart-phone.the reason those phoness.. can make you a target......and the thing & about your phone... that can mmke you a victim átwiceáin 3 "sheeconsumes me""- mee an efffrt to raise the spirts of a woman whose dauuhter was murdered on a college campus. how the woman ii copinn one year ater.
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one... year ago, .../ ... baltimore mother... found out... her... dauggter... was murdered.../ on... thh campus ... of... frostbbrg state university...///. universsty...///. janicee.. pprk... streaming live... attpoly.../ in... north baltimore.../// with... thh... &pmurder triall.. quickly approaching. approaching.jeffthis is where kortneigh mccoy graduateddfrom high school. her mother kaaa
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saas she woke up today wwth knots in her stomach...when she got thh call lasttyear stabbed in the eck by anotter student at frostburgg.he - murder triil starts next month...and kortney's friennd are providing a llt offsupport. -33 3 3 3 friends and family of kortneigg mccoy... have formed a gospel group innher meeory. november 7th 2011, mccoy's family says the 19 year old was breaking uu a fight at an onncampus party...when police saa fellow student shanne liggins stabbed her. kortneigh's mother hopes her 3 as a tough lesson to youth about the importaace of controling anger: 3 pyou think about you have children, how
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3 they're goinggto turn out someone just stopped that...took her away, it's awffl" 3 shanee liggins trral is set to &pbegin onndecember 4th.even though it will be tough kara -33 mccoyysays she wiil be at the trial to represent herr ii north baltimore, jp fox45 news at ten. 3 yyu may not notice them... but some big changes coming to the ciiy's peed the ciiy's spending board approved a new company called brekford to manage the city's network 3& the change provooed contrrversy at ccty hall this morning. but the mayor sayy the city ultimately got the 19:34;48"it's the cceapess but it wasn't just cost of 3 scoringgwhich caused the coopany to come out on top." top." accordiig to documents
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& included in the new bid,,the ciiy's photo enffrcement system has generated one hundred forty million dollars in fines. 3 pne day... afttr marylanders... ast their vote../ . the... overall complaint... ccming ut...// is... the... huge lines... and... length of time.... vote.state officials... investtggting... those compllints...///.baltimore officials... and... the tate chapter... l--=u... also... received complaints... - voters... whh say ...they were listed... on... even... though they were listed in 2008. 3 there was another big party last night...among suppprters of question 7.'s a look at the numbers... numbers... 3((fireworks)) ((fireworks)) 3 there were fireworks at the nationalharbor... in 3 passing. it would expand - gambling to live, table games...and add a sixth casino
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in prince george's county. supporters say that will ggneeatemore evenue for the state....and keepgamblers from going to west virggnia. (brown) "we nned ttose dollars that are going to be spent anyway for gaminn, we need themmspenttin maryland to fund our schools, our law enforcement, our firefighterr." & fiiefiggters."a state -3 commission will still have to consider bids for the new casino in p.g.and it's not 20-166 - 3 so... will... the expansion... bring in... more --3 revenue......./ as... a report... shows... earniig are down.... down.... karen parks... / streaming live... at... maryllnd's... newest casino ... in... &panne arrndel county... with the numbers.... maryllnds newest casiio &pbehind me.....maryland live brought in the bulk of this months revenue...buttits not all good news..... 3 he maaylann lottery and announced the state's three
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casinossgeneraaed about 39 millionn ollars this month....with marylanddlive penerating lose to 31 milllin. 3 pevenues for hollywood casino perryville.....and the casino at ocean downs....decreased by - four million dollars over the ssme eriod last year. and & with an additional casino inn prince ggorge's county and one - baltimore city the total nuuber of casinos in maryland will jump to six over the & nexx fur yyers. 3 vottrs in maryland also approved the dream act... pat...why critics say ittcould create a big problem from just 0 inuues on fox45 news at ten the deeth toll from a fungal 300. the latest victim was in ennnssee... which has the hiihest number of 419 people have been sickened - in he outbbeak linked to tainted steroid injections.. here in maryland, there have -3 been 23 cases and one death. the steroid was supplied by the ew england compounding center in massachusettss p3& maryland seems to have escaaed the worst of the latest noreaster.
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3 ere's vytas reid wiih new inffrmation on the storm. storm. 3 3 3
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3 follow...// the... weather...// usinn...// our...powerffl...// doppler...// & radar...// áái--radaráá.../ is... now available.../ at.../ - foxbaltimore dot com...////. 3 & look at this... driving on the siie-walk... to gettaround &&pa school bus.... the public humiliation... being used o puniss 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten 318:50::9"i knewwwhat was going down then they surrounded me" me"attacked... or his cell
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phone...the reason they are very valuable tt thieves... ...and the thing you can dd... to make ittusellss to them... in our covee stooy... after the break
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3 it's... a... crime... that'' bbcoming... increassngly... danggrous. 3 brazen thieves targgting nnt your wallet or purse, but the -3 technology in youu hand. 3 tonight.../ we... look aa thh battlee.. to combat .... 3 aadd.. why our... smart phone,.../ could...
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be....puttinn you at risk. risk. 3 18:50:49"i knew what was goinn & down then they surrounded me" ittwas a terrifying encounttr pt this towsonnapartment & complex llst yearra teen taaing a short cut home, accosted by a gang of mmn 18:53:29"i was very scared""en who knocked him to ground, - and broke his jaw18::1;01"thye were stomping my ace"the &pvicttm, whose identity we are protecting because one of his 3 still haunted by the attack. 18:51:56"i feel that it'' going to appennagain all thh time"but he's even more troublld about why the hieves -3 singled him out in thh first plaae...his iphone18:51:27 "they knew it was the phone they thought it waa the phone -3 and that's why they assaauted me"it's a crime thatt' becomiig morr commmn.violent rooberies aimed at smart hone &ppsers. 18:35:27"anything thht is high value, thieves couldd week tto teens knocked a an to the ground in broad daylinght right across tte -& street from the towson courthouse. their target, his
10:27 pm
smart phone.11:33:10"if you're - out in ublci akeesure that yyu comply."it's a crime made even more attractive, by the ttchnolgyythat in many cases is more valuable than your wallet or purse.....9:39:37 "thinkkof all t things you put on your smart phone, you don;'t want that in the wrong person's hands, or any person's hnds.""hones that contain personal inforration which canngive criminals an even bigger're reccomend ou look intt a cloud bassd system, so you can --3 call your carrieer and have your personal information & wiped from your phone."it's also crime that has seen double digit increases in cities across the country. government isstaking action. the fcc lauched a national smart ppone registry called &pthe protect iintiative. a database wheee smarr phone owners can register their seriallnumbers.which can then be used to shut down stolen phones.19:38:56"while they're
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attractive targets, it's a great thing from the olice pointtof yoo when they're stolen because they are &ptraceable""bt the techonlogy which makes smart phones asy po track...can be a double edged sword. thievesscan use address.18:37:55"a lot of peopleeuse phoens for naviagation, when they do that they put honme location in theee, so ww really on't want suspects to find out where th eerson llves base don using the navigation on the phooe." which is why police urge smart & phone uses need to take extra precaatioins.18:35:49"keep it - not just lockng youu phones with a password for example... but keeping t out of sight, 18:35:28"we want he public to knoo to make sure that you exposed when you're in pubic." advice at least one victim -3 says is not only sound18:52:20 users to keep it in their poccet unless it ii urgent." aad mayybe your only deeense.3 phone, i do keep innmy poccet" &p3& the fcc says they plan to have the database up and running in six monthss- 3
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p3 the best timm to driik a cup -3of coffee.... and the posittve impact on your brain. in 0 - minntes on fox45 news at ten -3 3 a woman caught driving on the --3 sidewalk.... instead of stopping for a sshool bus.... how a judge is using public humiliation to punish hhr. -3 3
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,3 immigration.... the passage of question fouu.../ .the... measure ...which & arr... last night's... & results...//. . it... passed by.... 59 to 41-percent..../. the... governor says ....he measure ... students... and the staae.../. state.../. but... as... jeff abell... reports.../ ,,critics... believe... the... dream act ... cculd ...prove to be... a nightmare ffr maryland. maryland. 3 (9:11:05) (governor) -3 "for the dreem act to pass up.....!" y the end of the night, voters had delivered a dream for hundreds of undocumented students..... (9:00:17) "it means -3 hope, promise and uture...."
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(9:15:30) "i think it comes down to students wanting anneducation and thats the pmerican dream...." the drram act allows un-documented students who have attended maryland high schoolssfor three years the right to gooto -3 college on in-state tuition rates. (9:07:53) to make the dream of a college eduuation a real opportunity for everr child in maryland , the strongee that makes maryland." (abell) "but opponents maintaan the dream act will cost marylanders far morr than tuition........ (19:23:56)) (roy beck) 3 pvery parent in the world with 15-year olds tt come to maryland...." roy eck has spent years battling illegal marylands ream act....will be painful for marylanders. (19:25:02) "by passing this maryland insures that there will be a lot more taxpayer burden. there willlbe lot more poor people in the state. there will beemore workers ccmpetinn for scarce jobs." (9:09:20)
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(governor) "new americans make america 33 now, it could be awhile before we knowwthe true impact of the dream.. jeff abbll, fox 45, news at ten. 3 to... qualify for in-state tuition,.../ undocumented students ...must complete... three years at a and... prrve their parents... have paid taxes. 3 ...the hings that mmy make maryland... one of the most liierrl states in the country......and the affect -3 that could haveeon ffture 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten 3 voters... in colorado... and... washingtoo state... have legalized...// recreational use... f marijuana. -3 parijuana.the initiativvs regulate theeproduction, possession, and istribbtion of marijuuna for people 21 and older.the washington 3 percent tax rate imposed on the producttthree times: when &pthe grower sells it to the processor, when the processor sells ii to he retailer, aad when he retailer sells it to the customer.thh state of orrgon ad a similar measure
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on its ballottand it failed. 3 vooing is still taking place in new jerrsy... because of suuer stormmsandy.the state announced last week... that storm victims should qqalify as "oveeseas voterss... -3 meaning they re eligible to vote byyemail or executive order by the lieuteeant governor gives them until friiay ight to ast those eleetronic votes. 3 one day after the 3 electton.... lawmakers are gearing up to take on thh fiscal cliff.... 3 congresssremains diiided..../ -3 iih... democrats retaining control of the republiians keeping a the... president... wants the bush tax cuts... for... the wealthiest amerrcans... to expire...//. but... g-o-p leaders saa... they... will not... support... an -3 for... anyyamerican ..../ including top earners. ...//bott... parties... arr calling for cooperation.../ while sticking to their core values. 3 reid says: i waat to work together but i want everyone
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push us around." around."boehner says: "the question we should be asking & is not 'which taxes should i raise to get more revenue,' but rather: 'which reformsscan we agree on that will get our economy moving again?" &pagain?" 3 many economists warn ii ground oo the fiscal liif &pduring this lame-duck session, it could potentiallypllnge the countryybbcc into a -3 recession... 3 some americans... had... the opportunity... to cast their ballotss./ in... some pretty unusual places tuesday. tuesday. in san fraaciico... a handful of locals got to vote at a columbarium... which ps a building housing urns - deceased. in chicago... a polling stttion was set up onnthe top floor of a 43-story skyscraper. 3 peterson says: "i kind of like it. the occupants here are very, veryyquiet. they bother obody." nobody." also n san francisco... a polling station inside a laundromat.and in -3 venice beach... reeidents were
10:37 pm
able to vote t the p3 an ohio woman... 3& who drove on a sidewalk... in order to avoid a stopped bus... gets an unuuuul punishment. -3 ccn see... the... insane....move she made... to get around the school bus.../ then hitting the gasa judge orderre shena hardin's driver's license to be suspended foo 30 days, pay 250-dolllrs in court coott... plus stand t the samee intersection with a sign that reads " only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoii the school bus." 3 she has to dd holddit for an hour a day....for the two days. 3 &
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3 3 3 3
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3&pthe beneeits of caffeene .... &pthe best time tt drink a cupp of coffee.... and the pooiiive impact on your brain. p3 ...the reasons maryland may now be consideree... one of the most liberal states ii the pation......and why candddates... may ánotá back 3 people suffering
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3 from heart failure may have a higher risk of devellping cancer. &p3 3 reseerrhers studied more than 9000people diagnosed with heart failure... and compared them tt others without the pondittonn over six found paaients wiih heart failure were sixty percent -3 more likely to ddvelop cancer.... which increased their riss of death by nearly half. experts saass it may be because their bodies & are lrrady ii a weakened - state. &pp3 annther study suggestt diitt mayyplay a role in the - rrcurrenne of colon cancer. researrhers studied more than a thousand patients with advanced stage colon cancer. they found those with a diet heavy ii complex sugarrsand high-carb foods.. were 80 percent more likely to have aa-3 recurrence of the isease...
10:46 pm
& commared to those with a more & was 45specially strong in patients ho were overweight. 3 a... small ose of caffeine... not only... perks yyu - up... / it... aalo... improves... your pooitive... recognition. recognitionnreseerchers... say... drinkiig two to three cups of - coffee.... thirty minutes before performing aataskk.. ./ can boost your for... recognizing positive words. .../ - no effect... on... negative or neutral words...///. experts ... belieee... it's caused by ...caafeine's... strong effects n dopamine... in the language-dominated reggons... & of the brain. 33 -3 3&pit's.... a... ig day... for the democratii party -- // nationwide - and here in maryland....// marylaad....//voters 3 levees - that maryland is a veryyblue state. analysts ...think... we... - might... be ... áthee... most 3& nation. 3 when the vvtes weee tallied tuesday night -- maryland as
10:47 pm
among the first tates called for prrsident obama.electing -3 him with a 61-percent majority .... one of the largest mmrgins of viitory on the u-s 3 obama did almost no 3 that matter.but in a state so of themmneeddbother to wasse time here....12:39:53 " i don't rememberra signnficant number of presidential ads in local media ii maryland because no matter wwat yourr ppeferences weree maryland was gonna be blue. so maryland is definitely a liberal state.. pplitical analyst lester spence... doesn't hesitate tt call maryland - liberal. 12::2:22 "and nntice, my politics are left-leaning."the &pproof - can be found in many u-s senate.... incumbent emocrattben cardin was quick to ppaise hiis & party....benncardin: 10:41:088 obama... a ggeat victory."in 3 delegation is now a lonely pprty of ne....ndy arris: 18853::0 "i'll actually e tte only representative... in the - hoose." 3 marylann voters - also
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approved this year - some veryy left-leaning ballot the dream. 3 stateeto approve gay marriige by refeeendum.and whiie these moves may put maryland in the limelight of the left... thhre's a potential dangee n becoming politically irrelevant.voters''voicee... &punneard... over the ssouting of the swing states.... 12:39:50 "i thhnk we're already starting to see that." melinda roeder... ffx 5 news at ten. 3 that brings us to our questtoo of the you think maryland is tte most liberal &pstate in the nation? -3 nation?here's a look at our - facebook page...lots of you llft comments tonight...nearly 400 comments so far......and most of ou do say maryllnd is one of the most liberrl state in the countryjoin in this discussion by going to facebook 3sot com slash fox-baltimore 3 3& the terps will rot out aa
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braad new playerfridaanight... in sportss unlimittd. -33 ...the amountt f caffeine in thooe energy drinks......aad how close they ome...toothe amoond ou can ásafelyá drink...after the break
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3 withha ationally televised matchup with the defending nationalchampions this friday, -
10:52 pm
maryland baskeeball coach mark ttrgeongot some of theebbst new he could have hoppd for... his new transfer will be able to play... 3 dez wells, ho transferred from xavier, regained hhi eligibility todaygranting him -3 a waiver from a rule that would have caused himto sii out the entire seasonn.wells was expelled from xavier last summer after an arrest..charges were laaer wwsn'' trannffring, he as -3 kicked outt.he ncca aggeed.a year, aveeaging juut under 10 & gamee.eaaning atlannic 10 freshman of the year honors.. 3 the ravens are at home this they host the oakland raiders 3 the black and silver hits the field, a very familiar name & will be at the controls... controls... 3 former bengal carson palmer is havvng a bit of a career resurgence in oakland, ranking 8thin the nfl in passinn...averaging nearly 330 yards per game...he's thrown
10:53 pm
13 toochdownand has only 8 interceptions...he mmy not be the carson palmer of old, buu he's still pretty darn ood. 3 &p 3 p our morgaa adsii spent the afternoon with the raven in 3& showalter could add yet 3 trophyto hii collection...her sports unlimitee conttnues. 3 3health concerns ...about... energy drinks... werr heightened recently.../ with... reports of... ffve deaths... possibly.. linked to... mmnster energy driik. -3 3 caffeine is one of the key ingredients in energg drinkss
10:54 pm
but as pptrice sanders explains in tonight's consumer reports... it can be hard to teel how much they contain. 3 p3 ((patton cam))consumer reports has just conducted lab tests on dozens of top-selling drinks. (sot: commercial)"it's tough to stay sharp, so i take 5-hour eeergy."(v/o)energy driiks. everyone from tim -& teeow... (sot: commerrial) ""hey said i couldn't win a national chhmpionshhp."(v/o) ... to 50 cent and joan riivrs... (sot: commercial"hit me, fiddd." (v/o)... are advertising them. withhtteir facebook pages and internet video campaigns, manufacturers &pspecifically target young peoole. but onsumer reports says you have to be careful how much caffeine you rink. pulse, cause abnormal heart rhythms, eep you from & leeping well, and llvate ccnsumerrreppots annlyzed the caffeine content of 27 testing three samples each. although some list the amount pf caffeine on the ackage, they're not requiree to. gayle williams)"someeoffthe energy drinks underestimated
10:55 pm
pn the label by 20 ercenttor more."(v/ooso how much caffeine dd energyydrinks contain? in consumer repoots' tests, it vaaied widely.for eeample, f-r-s healthy energy avvraged 17 milligrams per container. red bull and s-k five-hourrenergy - 215 milligrams and 5-hour energy extrr strength - 242. most healthy adults cannconsume up too400 milligrams of cafffine a day.(sot: gayll willlams)"soo & eneegy drink is probably okay." (vvo)or you can drink regular coffee. an eight-ounce cup contains roughly 100 & milligrams of cafffine.((pat - on cam))consumer and scientific groups have urged the food and ddug administraaion to require companies to disclose caffeine lacks the authority to do so. many energy drinks do carry - warnings that they are not for pregnant or nursing women, or ppople sensitive to affeine. ten. 3 3
10:56 pm
3& a robot playing pinggpong... how it stands up to a human... -3 ann tte one skill that could - improve its game. -3 3&p...and coming up in just 5 -3 minutes on the late edition... edition... 3 p big punishment for a small crime......why police are p toddler.. 3 and sending the wroog meesage -3 the mistake made by a mississippi road crew.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
3 the latest school delays... and snowfall totals in your fox45 morning news.
10:59 pm
3 you no longer need another human o layyping pong. 3 this robot can hold its tennis skills at the china internatiinal industry faar, held in stands 5 feet, 2 inchesstall anddweighs - 120 poundd.their eyes contain a higg speed camera feedingg real timm images of the ball... so the robots react in 0.05 to 0.1 seconds.scientiits developed them as practice partners for professional ping pong players, but they still don't have fancy footwork to match human aces. the rrcord is 144 rounds between a robot and a human. 3 3 3weecooe to the

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